e11even documentary

e11even documentary

AOD FILMS Presents: e11even


A determined group of skateboarders in Tacoma, WA take matters into their own hands, defying the city's neglect, to construct a skatepark that becomes a symbol of resilience, community, and the power of grassroots activism now faces potential demolition.

Credits: Directed by: Nolan Wilson & Jack Saffle Produced by: Mark Bone & Michael Del Monte Cinematography by: Nolan Wilson & Jack Saffle Editor: Nolan Wilson Audio Editor: Dalton Rouse

Starring: Aaron Artis Bryan Krasovetz Harley Lewis Terrance Johnson Jack Saffle Max Harris Brett Johnson Alex Wilson Joao Vitor Oliveira O'Shea Peterson John Wier

Featuring: Preston Clark Noah Holmes Jimmy Jabang
Film Photography by Jayne Saffle
Archival Photos by: Harley Lewis Brett Johnson Alex Wilson Bryan Krasovetz Music Jonathan Boyle - Noir Guitar Blunt Force - Override Deletion Dresden, the Flamingo - The Bellagio Raighes Factory - Slide Winchester